Pedagogy On Its Head

Gone are the days when we professors assign a required textbook with readings and homework, deliver a lecture on the very same material, then assess the students on how much they remember.  In today's world, students expect more from their college classroom experience.  They want interactivity and want applicability.  The literature shows that students learn better in these circumstances.  Quite frankly, with today's interactive personal technology and the Internet, we CAN provide that experience.  But, who has the time to create the materials and modify their curriculum?  We've been there. We've done that.  We know it's hard to do... and we know that being successful at it equates to higher student evaluations and promotion.  We can help.  Let us know EXACTLY what you need that fits your vision, your style, and your content.  We'll build it.  You use it.  Done.  Your students will be happier and you can spend your time doing what you do best - teaching.


The following figures are excerpts from selected education publications. Each figure module was created in Autodesk Maya and rendered using Adobe After Effects.  Links are provided to go to the actual 3D modules at the end of each series of figures.